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prescriptions for seniorsCould the changes I see in my parents be the result of their medications or how they take them?

Senior Pharmacy Solutions provides innovative, comprehensive in-home services that can improve your parent’s well-being, prolong their independence and bring you greater peace of mind.

Children and caregivers are often hesitant to ask this very important question; many children and caregivers fail to even consider that their parent's medications might be the source of the changes they see in their parents. When we avoid the question, or even the possibility, we avoid the reality. Avoiding the reality that medications, how they are used or how your loved one is responding to their unique group of medications often results in many seniors losing their independence and ultimately moving to nursing homes. Left unaddressed the problems created by medications only worsen as today's seniors strive to age in place, to remain independent in their home, retirement, or assisted living facilities. This very important question should never go unasked because there is a readily available proven solution.

For the patients receiving medication management services by Senior Pharmacy Solutions, the answer the above question has proven to be a resounding yes. We tract the results of the medication therapy management services we provide to our senior patients. Each time we can change, reduce or stop the use of a mediation, we place a tablet or capsule in this apothecary bottle. Each medication represents either a prescription, non-prescription, OTCs, supplement, medication that has been changed, reduced or stopped, as the result of the recommendations we provide to our patient’s family, caregivers or physicians. Testimonials from our senior patients, their family and caregivers are a testament that these changes result improved their health, quality of life and helped them stay more independent.

For seniors, we offer Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services which ensures that the older patient gets the greatest possible benefit from the medications they use.  A specially trained Clinical Senior Care Pharmacist provides comprehensive medication reviews which are extremely important for patients over the age of 50. As seniors continue to remain independent for longer periods of time, there are opportunities for seniors to increasingly suffer from chronic and debilitating disorders affecting both the body and the mind. Medication related problems left unaddressed result in more healthcare appointments, emergency room and hospital visits and nursing home admissions that contribute in part to our country's rapidly escalating healthcare costs and caregiver burdens. Medication related problems contribute to a gradual loss of both health and independence.

Disorders such as cardiac disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other diseases affecting the respiratory, digestive, and renal systems are being treated with increasingly sophisticated medications. The combination of multiple disorders, progressing fragility and complex medications with frequent changes in those medications creates an environment where our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services can have a very positive impact on the senior’s ability to maintain both their health and independence for a longer period of time.

For your convenience, a brief risk self-assessment is offered - click here to learn more. You are invited to review and answer the questions to determine if you or a loved one may be a candidate for our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services.  

Medications and any supplements currently in use are included in our comprehensive assessments. Our Clinical Senior Care Pharmacist will provide reports to the senior, family or other caregivers and also to healthcare prescribers. Our services include the development of a Senior Pharmacy Solutions Chart. This innovative reference includes a complete medication and supplement list, senior specific dosing and side effect information.  Compliance and dosage tools can be included to support day-to-day use of medication.  We include useful information to enhance the benefits of any medication used.   As medication orders change, seniors, their family or caregivers can include new or updated medication information providing an ongoing medication reference for the senior. This personalized chart is an excellent reference when visiting healthcare providers or traveling.

Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services are modeled after Consultant Pharmacist drug regimen reviews.  These reviews been mandated by Medicare for patients in nursing facilities since the mid 60's.  By working with each resident’s healthcare providers and families, consultant pharmacist's drug regimen reviews have resulted in better medication use. The result of these reviews has been a reduction in the number and type of medications used and an improvement in overall health status of seniors in nursing facilities. 

For this reason, our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services have been designed to provide these same clinical services to seniors living independently.  Our services results in better medication use which supports seniors in maintaining their health, prolonging their independence and conserving their personal resources. A 2009 article in Louisville's Business First, Helping Seniors Manage Multiple Medications, highlighted the services we provide to seniors in the greater Louisville Area.

Plus PackSenior Pharmacy Solutions also offers a variety of healthcare options, one of which is Med COPS, Medication Compliance Packaging Service, which supports the senior in more easily knowing when to take medications AND helps caregivers to prepare the medications. We also offer a specialized review specifically developed to focus on fall prevention, the leading cause of visits to emergency rooms and hospital admissions secondary to accidents. Falls are also the leading cause of seniors moving from their home to nursing facilities or other facilities providing higher levels of care.

To determine if you or a loved one might be a candidate for our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Management Therapy Services, please consider use of the risk self-assessment form. Click here to access the document. Should you wish to further discuss our services, we can be reached via email or 502-425-8642 for a confidential review of our services and how they may assist you or a loved one. 

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Would you or a loved one benefit from our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services?

Click here for a risk self assessment.

Please note that this self-assessment provides only a snap shot of possible medication problems.
Many more medications may be problematic to a senior.

Should you wish to further discuss our services, click here to contact us for a confidential review of our services and how our services may assist you or a loved one.

Our purpose is to support better use of medication.

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We are pleased that you have visited our web site where you can learn more about the services we offer to today’s seniors.

Our innovative Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services support today’s senior in their desire to remain healthier and more active in their home for a longer period. Our services result in added piece of mind for the senior, their family and caregivers.


We support the senior to optimize their medication use through a comprehensive medication review of all prescriptions, samples, supplements and over the counter medications being taken and how the senior is responding to their current total medication therapy.  We provide organization, support and follow-up for the continuing use of their medications through the development of our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Chart.

In the greater Louisville, Kentucky area, we provide services tailored to today’s seniors and others wishing an improved quality of life while continuing to remain in the home that they love for a longer period of time.

Our goal is to provide innovative services which improve, reduce and simplify medication use and support today’s seniors in maintaining both their health and independence for a longer period. We provide services to seniors living independently in their homes, retirement and assisted living facilities and other long-term care environments in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area. We are extremely proud that our services were recently highlighted in Louisville's Business First Helping Seniors Manage Multiple Medications.

Our services result in peace of mind knowing that medications are used in a manner that is most beneficial to the seniors we serve.


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