Louisville Residents Urged to Toss Their Expired and Unused Medications


Catholic Charities Senior Services, Franciscan Health Care Center, Kentucky SMP, KIPDA (Areas Agency on Aging), Louisville Metro Police, Louisville Metro Solid Waste, Senior Pharmacy Solutions and TRIAD are teaming up to provide opportunities for Louisville residents to safely dispose of their unused medication products. They are sponsoring three DRUG TOSS events with expanded hours in Louisville Metro from October 8th-11th.


Medication products should never be flushed down the toilet or drain, burned in the open or thrown in the trash because:

        They can contaminate the environment if they get into the drinking and ground water.

        They may kill bacteria or produce drug resistance bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic systems if flushed down the drain.

        Burning can release toxic pollutants into the air.

        They can be scavenged from your trash receptacles to be illegally used or sold.

        They can be taken mistakenly and cause serious health problems.


Here are some of the items Drug Toss organizers are encouraging residents to bring in:

*Expired or unused medications

*Bulk or loose tablets and capsules

*Unsealed tubes of creams, ointments, etc.

*Medications that should have been kept cold but were not

*Unsealed syrups, eye drops, nasal sprays, or inhalers



*****Important Changes*****

***Due to safety measures, we cannot receive sharps (needles that have been used)***


Due to the volume of drugs brought to our sites, we ask that immediately before bringing your medications to one of our sites, that you place all tablets and capsules into a zip-lock bag.  Vials (with personal information marked out) should be placed into another bag/container.  Also, place bottled liquids and tubes of medication into separate bags.  This will help us process everything more quickly.

For the safety of your family, please keep all medications, properly closed in their original child-resistant containers and transfer to bags immediately prior to your visit.


We urge residents to black out all personal information on ALL medication containers.


Representatives from Louisville Metro Police and Louisville Metro Solid Waste will be on hand to assure that the products will be disposed of safely.


Here are the dates and locations for the three Drug Toss events:



Oct 8, 10 AM-2PM 



Our Mother of Sorrows Church
770 Eastern Pkwy, 40217  (near Preston St.)


Oct 9, 10 AM-2PM 



Park Terrace                              
9700 Stonestreet Road, 40272


Oct 10, 10 AM-2PM



Middletown Christian Church  
500 North Watterson Trail,  40243



Louisville Metro Triad

Law Enforcement and Seniors

working together.