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F.A.Q.s - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a Senior Care Pharmacist to review all the medications I take?

  • Most seniors take medications from many different sources---various doctors, samples, over the counter drugs, health food stores and some seniors obtain their medications from the internet or other sources.
  • Some seniors may not report all the medications used every day to each healthcare provider.
  • Many seniors visit several physicians and may get prescriptions from more than one pharmacy. Starter supplies or samples are not always reported to each doctor and pharmacist.
  • Geriatric patients metabolize medications differently than their younger counterparts.  
  • Special understanding of medication use in seniors is needed to understand how senior may get very different results when taking the same medications in the same doses.
  • Senior Care Pharmacists have special training and experience in addressing the special healthcare needs of the senior.

2. Seniors take more medications as they get older, how can that be a problem?

  • As we age and develop more healthcare needs, each of us will begin to take more medications.  Increase in use of the number of medication is called "polypharmacy.
  • Today’s medications are increasing more complex with more side effects and interactions with other medications.
  • As the number and type of medications taken increases, there are greater opportunities for interactions among the medications.
  • Admission to higher levels of care can be the result of a medication interaction or side effects associated with polypharmacy.
  • Medications are sometimes ordered to counteract the effect or side-effects of another medication. Prescription and over-the counter medications, supplements and how they are used together may be a source of side effects that may be avoided if taken another way.
  • Increased side effects or poor response may lead to extra healthcare visits, more or different medications, and possible emergency or hospital admission to improve or correct a response to a medication.


3. If my doctor and pharmacist have already reviewed my medications, why do the reviews take so much time? Reviewing my medications should only take a few minutes?

  • As mentioned earlier, the unique medication needs of seniors require time to review.
  • Our Medication Management Therapy Services include an initial interview in the home of the senior. 

  • A senior’s health status may affect the response they get from their unique group of medications. A review of their health and the conditions for which they are being treated, how they feel and their complaints are reviewed to determine if their medications may be causing, aggravating, or preventing resolution of these problems.
  • After the senior shares how they feel and what they want to achieve from our services, our Clinical Senior Care pharmacist reviews all medications and supplements.
  • A comprehensive report is prepared to be reviewed with the senior, their family or caregivers.  This report is tailored to the specific needs and issues of each senior.

4.  What is included in the Comprehensive report?

  • Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication therapy Management Services includes a comprehensive review of all medications and supplements used. Our reviews also includes the following:
    • Recommendations of how and when the senior should be taking their unique combination of medications.
    • Senior-specific, easy to read drug information
    • Options to assist in compliance, use of their unique group of medications
    • Lower co-pay options
    • Information that should be reported to and/or shared with their healthcare providers
    • Tools to assist in monitoring the benefits of their medication  
  • This information is reviewed with the senior, their family or caregivers at a follow-up meeting.
  • As requested, reports may be forwarded to other healthcare workers to maximize the benefits of the medication used.
  • The result of these comprehensive services is a personalized Senior Pharmacy Solution© Chart. This chart personalized for each senior's needs contains all their medication information in one place.  It is a great reference when visiting other healthcare providers or when  traveling.
  • We provide follow-up and coaching support for the following 90 days to assure that changes in medications or their use continue to promote improved health.

5. Will my physician be receptive to your reports and recommendations? Will my physician need to know that I use your services?

  • Many of today’s physicians have had the opportunity to work with clinical pharmacists who provide feedback to them about the medication that their patients are taking.
  • We often begin our review process sharing an overview of our services to the senior's primary physician and others as requested.
  • The senior's physician or healthcare provider may request or decline receipt of our reports. We will provide information and work with healthcare providers as requested.
  • The goal of the Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Medication Therapy Management Services is to assist seniors in the proper use of medications and to prolong their independence.  We offering opportunities for the senior to better use their medications. 
  • Seniors and their families have added peace of mind knowing that important healthcare issues have been addressed before the issues grow to be more serious.
  • Healthcare providers welcome information that improves the healthcare outcomes of their patients. 
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Contact us at 502-425-8642  or email Lynn@SeniorPharmacySolutions.onmicrosoft.com  

Our purpose is to support better use of medication.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

For seniors and others seeking to prolong their independence,
better maintain their health and conserve personal resources,
we offer

Senior Pharmacy Solutions©  Medication Therapy Management Services

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