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Senior Pharmacy Solutions© offers a variety of other senior care services while several other services are currently under development.

Several of our services are detailed below.

Fall Prevention Reviews

Falls are a very common problem in seniors due to numerous factors.  Loss of muscle tone, strength, poor eyesight, inner ear problems well as clutter or other environmental factors.  Medications are also frequently the cause of falls since medications can cause confusion, drowsiness, weakness, changes in appetite, etc.  To assist seniors, families and caregivers in preventing medication related falls, a targeted medication review is offered to evaluate all medications that are in use and this summary report can be directed to physicians for review and consideration.  Physicians are also encouraged to utilize this innovative service as part of their fall prevention evaluations.  Click here for a Fall Log to track falls or near falls and Click here to contact us for a confidential review of this service


(Medication Compliance Packaging Services) which supports the senior to more easily know which medications to take AND the right time to take them.

  •  Medications can be prepared in weekly or monthly compliance devices that streamline the process of taking medications and taking them in the best way for each senior.

All of our services are designed to assist the senior in the proper use of their medications and to prolong their independence by offering opportunities to optimize their response to their medications. Our goal is to provide innovative services which improve, reduce and simplify medication use and support today’s seniors in maintaining both their health and independence for a longer period. Our services result in peace of mind knowing that medications are used in a manner that is most beneficial to the seniors we serve. Click here to contact us for a confidential review of this service

Would you or a loved one benefit from our Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Medication Therapy Management Services?
Click here for a risk self assessment
Please note that this self-assessment provides only a snap shot of possible medication problems. 
Many more medications may be problematic to a senior.
Should you wish to further discuss our services,
Click here to contact us for a confidential review of our services

and how our services may assist you or a loved one.


Contact us at 502-425-8642  or email Lynn@SeniorPharmacySolutions.onmicrosoft.com  

Our purpose is to support better use of medication.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

For seniors and others seeking to prolong their independence,
better maintain their health and conserve personal resources,
we offer

Senior Pharmacy Solutions©  Medication Therapy Management Services

The Ohio Valley Appalachia Regional Geriatric Education Center

recognized this program as a
Best Care Practice Nominee


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Services Offered by The ConDOR Company, PLLC

Contact us at 502-425-8642  or email Lynn@SeniorPharmacySolutions.onmicrosoft.com