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Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Comprehensive Reviews

Seniors under our care have their medications reviewed and evaluated by a Senior Care Pharmacist who has extensive experience in such reviews.  Medications and any supplements currently in use by the senior will be included in the assessment.

Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Assessments include a comprehensive review of the following, as available.

  • Current prescription, over the counter medications and supplements

  • Compliance

  • Drug-drug interactions and side effects

  • Drug allergies

  • Diagnosis and medical history

  • Age

  • Height and weight

  • Pertinent reports, physical findings and labs

  • Living environment assessment for fall/injury prevention

  • Nutritional considerations 

Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Medication Therapy Management Services are completed in consideration of:

  • Desired goals of therapy

  • Past response to medications

  • Senior specific dosing needs and considerations

  • History of drug use and compliance

  • Appropriate use of medications and supplements to assure proper dose, frequency and route of administration

  • Real and/or potential interactions with medications, food or supplements

  • Formulary or cost concerns

Our Clinical Pharmacist will provide reports to the senior, family or other caregivers and medical providers and will assist the senior in development of their personal Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Chart. The reference will include a list of medications currently in use, senior specific dosing and side effect information and other information that would be useful in enhancing the benefits of the medication used.   As medication orders change, information can be included to provide an ongoing medication history for the senior. Compliance and dosage tools will be included as a reference to other medical providers.

Would you or a loved one benefit from our Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Medication Therapy Management Services?
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Please note that this self-assessment provides only a snap shot of possible medication problems. 
Many more medications may be problematic to a senior.
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Contact us at 502-425-8642  or email Lynn@SeniorPharmacySolutions.onmicrosoft.com  

Our purpose is to support better use of medication.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

For seniors and others seeking to prolong their independence,
better maintain their health and conserve personal resources,
we offer

Senior Pharmacy Solutions© Medication Therapy Management Services

The Ohio Valley Appalachia Regional Geriatric Education Center

recognized this program as a
Best Care Practice Nominee


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Services Offered by The ConDOR Company, PLLC

Contact us at 502-425-8642  or email Lynn@SeniorPharmacySolutions.onmicrosoft.com