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About Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services.

Ms. Harrelson is active both within her profession and in the greater Louisville Senior Care Community. In addition to a variety of offices, she has served as president of local and state pharmacy associations. The Kentucky Pharmacist Association recognized her in 2010 with a Professional Promotion award. In 2012, she received international recognition with the Upsher Smith Excellence in Innovation Award for her Parkinson eHOP (enhanced Healthcare Outcomes Programs). She was inducted into the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Hall of Distinguished Alumni in 2020.

She serves on the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum. She is a member of the Health and Professional Network (HSPN), TRIAD, Worksite Wellness and Kentucky Safe Aging Coalition. She collaborates with many other providers and organizations providing care innovative to seniors. She continues activity in the greater Louisville area’s Expired Drug Toss/Drug Take Back Programs.

As a Senior Care Pharmacist, Ms. Harrelson penned articles for the Senior Care Experts quarterly newspaper, Aging Well, in addition to periodic articles in various newsletters throughout the Louisville metro area. She serves as expert on several national websites, Aging Care, The Community for Caregivers and Elder Care Matters Alliance where she addresses questions and concerns regarding medication use and other pharmacy questions from site visitors.  You may also visit with her at various health, wellness, and senior fairs throughout the area.  She also meets with senior and caregiver groups to share information regarding safe medication use and fall prevention.  She can be contacted for speaker services at 502-425-8642 or email

Her extensive experience in providing clinical pharmacy consultation services supports today’s seniors in their desire to remain more healthy and active in their home for a longer period. Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services are designed to reduce the number, type and cost of medications that seniors often take.  These services are offered in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area.

Senior Pharmacy Solutions© provides medication therapy management services to seniors and others seeking to prolong their independence, better maintain their health and conserve personal resources. Our services provide direction and support to optimize the benefits of medication therapy.

Ms. Harrelson continues her commitment to the practice of senior care pharmacy by providing innovative services and contributing to an improved quality of life for the senior, their families and loved ones.

"We offer services that result in peace of mind for seniors, their families and other caregivers.  They are comforted when they know that medications that are being taken are being used in ways that are most beneficial for their loved ones."


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