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Medication Therapy Management Services

prescriptionsOur Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services can enhance or improve the effectiveness of your medications.


  • There are many reasons why medications may not be taken as prescribed by the doctor or why they are not taken in the proper way.
  • Your medication is the primary way your illnesses and medical conditions are treated.
  • Medications must be taken properly to maximize their effectiveness.


balance drug useProper use of your medications may help you avoid additional costs………


  • Extra physician visits

  • More prescriptions

  • Possible hospital or nursing home admissions because illnesses do not always respond to medications if not taken as prescribed


over prescribedOur Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services are designed to improve your use and response to the medication you take.


  • We review all medications that you are taking.
  • We provide a better understanding as how to take each medication.
  • We reduce obstacles you may have in taking your medications as prescribed.
  • We work with you, your family and healthcare providers to achieve the best response from any prescribed medications.


Why Medication Therapy Management Services is an important service for seniors?


  • Patients over the age of 65 are considered medically complex when diagnosed with least one chronic illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, COPD, etc.

  • Senior patients are frequently prescribed more medications and seniors often use non-prescription medications many times without a healthcare consultation or even the knowledge of any of their healthcare providers.

  • Prescription orders are at times increased or changed to more costly or complex compounds when the senior fails to respond to the original prescribed medications.








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