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Senior Pharmacy Solutions Chart

Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Chart has been designed to assist today's senior in the proper use of their medications and to prolong their independence.  Our comprehensive reviews and chart is the foundation for organization, support and follow-up necessary to maximize the benefit of each of their medications.


Our Senior Pharmacy Solutions Chart is tailored to each senior's specific needs and how they are responding to their unique group of medications and supplements.  Our personalized charts may contain the following:


  • All-inclusive Medication List

  • Medical /History/Lab Reports (as available)

  • Senior Specific Drug Information Sheets highlighted to emphasize information targeted to each senior's needs, concerns and goals.

  • Senior Specific Patient Education Sheets addressing the unique needs and understanding of each senior.

  • Senior Specific Compliance Plans and Tools developed to address the individualized goals and concerns expressed by each senior, family and caregiver.

  • Senior Specific Medication Goals that assist the senior and their caregivers to address any ongoing or long-term issues or needs.

  • Dosing Documentation forms to assist seniors or caregivers in the timely and optimal dosing of each seniors unique group of medications.

  • Other information is developed to meet the specific needs of each senior.







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