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Seniors are most at risk for dangerous drug interactions:


  • 51% of seniors utilize 2 or more pharmacies
  • 46% visit three or more doctors
  • 53% use more than 5 prescription medications
  • 25% of hospital and nursing home admissions among older Americans are the result of improper medication use.1




Inadequate drug therapy costs $77 billion/year in the U.S.2




Medicare pays less than 20% of nursing facility expenses.3




Drug related illnesses accounted for 4% of emergency room (ER) visits during one month at a teaching hospital, 60% of the drug related illnesses were preventable.


These ER visits were caused by non-compliance (58%), adverse drug events (32%) and inappropriate prescribing (10%).4




Medication errors are the source of 7,000 deaths annually.5




senior pharmacy solutions 2 out of 3 single adults and 1 out of 3 couples become impoverished after 13 weeks in a nursing facility.6
Seniors may avoid admission a higher level of care or to a nursing facility by optimizing the use of their medications and supplements.


The innovative Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services address the unique medication related problems of today’s seniors.

We identify and prevent medication related problems.


Our comprehensive evaluations and action plans address all medications the senior takes.

Seniors turn to our innovative Senior Pharmacy Solutions Medication Therapy Management Services when they want additional help in using their medications.

We provide organization, direction and support in the optimal of medication by seniors.
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